[Asterisk-Users] GrandStream Budgetone Phone & DHCP & General Observations

Glenn Dalgliesh asterisk at techhat.com
Fri Dec 5 08:42:02 MST 2003

Symptom: Phone after about 15mins will stop functioning 
Problem: DHCP lease renewed but default route dropped
Fix: Assign a static ip and problem is resolved. Upgrade to new firmware once it is released

It turn's out that these phones have a few issue in firmware. The phone may stop transmitting packets if configured with DHCP, if DHCP is being provided by certain devices. Netopia routers have been confirmed in this category. It turns out that there is some differences btw the implementation of DHCP btw different vendor and this is causing the phone to loose it default route and stop transmitting packets approx 15mins after the phone receives it's lease after reboot. GrandStream says this will be fixed in the next release.

Other Grandstream observations:

In many situations I have found added the following to * sip.conf will correct many problem btw Budgetone's and other phones registered with *.


Stun and Budgetone: I have observed odd behavior with the phone and various STUN server's. Leaving the phone behind a given router and pointing the phone's stun server at various versions of STUNd  reporting different results to the phone. I am not sure if this is a budgetone or stun server problem. but I do know that it causes problems it certain environments.

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