[Asterisk-Users] Replicating Legacy Phone Behavior

Nick Bachmann asterisk at not-real.org
Fri Dec 5 07:45:00 MST 2003

Jonathan Moore wrote:
> Quoting Nick Bachmann <asterisk at not-real.org>:

>> Having a DSS (the blinking lights for each extension, short for
>> "Digital Station Selector") is a feature that I wish Asterisk had.  A
>> week or so ago there was discussion about a new Windows-based Asterisk
>> application (Asterisk Call Manager for Windows?) and it was said that
>> in a later version there was a plan to add a "Console mode" (the name
>> for the Uberphone that the DSS attaches to).  If I weren't so swamped,
>> I'd ofter to help out :-).
>> Figuring out which extensions were busy would be easy with the Manager
>> API, but I'm not sure how you could forward incoming calls bound for
>> another extension.  I guess if it were easy enough, I guess I could
>> mke  a Javax/Swing app to do it.
>> If there's already an app that does this, I haven't see it, but I'd
>> love to!
> I think this is a hard one to deal with because you are going to need
> support  for this on both the phone and in *. I am really know expert

My thought was a Java app that just transfered to your phone.  So if a
line rings and someone is DND/unavailable anther person can just forward
it to their cheapo phone.  I think "redirect" might do that, but I've yet
to expirament.
> but I think the  only phones on the market that might be turned into
> this are some of the  programmable ones, maybe the 7690 or the Pingtel
> by programming the "lights" on  the lcd. Pingtels look to have a nice
> display on them and are supposed to be  programmable with Java. The
> problem I see with this is that these are all high  end fairly
> expensive phones. The snom 200 may have some hooks for this, but are
> limited to the 5 programmable buttons.
> The more I think about it the more I think the 7960 might be doable,
> since I  know my Cisco sales rep was trying to sell me on DSS.

I've seen those but I'm pretty sure you have to use CCM to use them.

> I also remember reading some references to SIP protocol updates that
> might  include some of these types of features (pageing also)
>> >2. How does one go about creating call queues and advanced features
>> >such  as UCD and ACD using Asterisk?
>> >
>> Take a look at
>> http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+config+queues.conf and the
>> pages it references.
>> >3. Is it possible to do Phone to Phone paging with SIP phones? This
>> >is a  feature that I personally use a lot on my Legacy Phone System.
>> >I simply  hit the extension of the persion I want to chat, and it
>> >beeps their phone  and we can talk. Sort of like an Intercom system.
>> >
>> That would be a phone feature... I think some of the Cisco phones do
>> it... it's billed as "AutoAnswer" I think.
> I have been looking at this angle too. I think the trick is to find a
> phone  that is a "multi line" VoiP model and allows per line
> configuration of auto- answer. I was thinking of using a pattern where
> even extensions are for ringing  the phone and odd numbers are for the
> intercom/pageing. Candidate phones that  may be able to do this that I
> am researching include snoms, cisco 7960, and  swiss something (mcgp
> based phone). I have mostly been looking at the low end  of the phone
> market, so there may be many others at the high end I am not aware  of.

I saw on the list a while back somebody figured out how to do this with a
Cisco instrument. It's not a big deal do me, as none of the PBXs in our
buildings do this, thus it's not a feature our staff has decided they
can't live without.

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