[Asterisk-Users] Debian Testing / 2.4.22 / zaptel problems.

Andrew Gillham gillham at vaultron.com
Thu Dec 4 23:35:13 MST 2003

Jeremy McNamara wrote:

> Typical version skew....Try linking to the kernel source that is 
> actually running on the box.
Well as far as I can tell, the only version I have on the box is 2.4.22-1.
I certainly only have 'kernel-headers-2.4.22-1' installed and 'linux' 
to that directory in /usr/src.

Are you saying my /usr/include would be skewed?  Since I thought that 
was from
the libc6-dev, not really kernel related?

I will try removing all of the -dev packages and re-installing them.


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