[Asterisk-Users] Port density: DS3 cards?

Andy Hester cgadmin at conserogroup.com
Thu Dec 4 21:03:55 MST 2003

> >I have been mulling over what it would take to get drivers done for
> >ImageStream's products.  They have a component architecture that 
> is supposed
> >to reduce development time/cost.  The component stuff is open 
> source.  The
> >part of the driver that you have to write can be open source or 
> proprietary.
> >I am not much of a coder, but someone more knowledgeable may be 
> able to do
> >it without too much trouble.  I am an ImageStream reseller - if you need
> >hardware I'll give you good pricing. ;)
> >
> >Andy
> Shoot, set me up with <takes off shoes for counting> 42 2u servers 
> with dual TE410P boards, and then 12 M13 muxes, and then 1 12-port 
> DS3-to-OC12 mux (or 3 DS3-to-OC3 muxes, and one 3 port OC3-to-OC12 
> mux) and we can even test one of those OC12 boards that ImageStream 
> sells!
> Why don't you ping someone at ImageStream and see if they're willing 
> to offer a DS3 developer kit for some interval (6 months? 8 months?) 
> to a developer if they show appropriate interest and expertise. 
> Anyone want to volunteer?
> Actually, I'd ask a senior developer at ImageStream to see if they 
> think it's even possible first; they'll at least be able to say if 
> it's in the realm of sanity.  You have the inside track; let us know 
> what you hear.
> JT
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I'll follow up on this tommorrow and let you know what I hear....


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