[Asterisk-Users] Paradyne Jet Fusion

Tim Thompson tthompson at amatechtel.com
Thu Dec 4 07:55:55 MST 2003

I don't know if anyone had used these boxes yet.

I've installed some, but not connecting to an * system.  The guys who
ordered them said they ran about $600.

They are pretty cool in that you designate what the port will be either
Data, FXS, or FXO(not fully implemented yet)

This is a "NEW" price too, not a refurbed price.  I don't know about
anyone else, but I've not been able to find a refurbed 24 port FXO
channelbank for that price.

I've got some coming in next week and have talked w/ Paradyne about
getting the "Beta" FXO image.  I'll post the results as soon as I can.


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