[Asterisk-Users] How to set the gatekeeper? help me pls.

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Wed Dec 3 11:13:51 MST 2003

Lubomir Christov wrote:

> :) h323.conf is just a bit "strange" (there is no simple/clear alias 
> options as in the oh323.conf)
> But it's a good idea to read Readme and h323.conf.sample ...

; H.323 Alias definitions
; Type 'h323' will register aliases to the endpoint
; and Gatekeeper, if there is one.
; Example: if someone calls time at your.asterisk.box.com
; Asterisk will send the call to the extension 'time'
; in the context default
;   [default]
;   exten => time,1,Answer
;   exten => time,2,Playback,current-time
; Keyword's 'prefix' and 'e164' are only make sense when
; used with a gatekeeper. You can specify either a prefix
; or E.164 this endpoint is responsible for terminating.
; Example: The H.323 alias 'det-gw' will tell the gatekeeper
; to route any call with the prefix 1248 to this alias. Keyword
; e164 is used when you want to specifiy a full telephone
; number. So a call to the number 18102341212 would be
; routed to the H.323 alias 'time'.


Jeremy McNamara

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