[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 6.0 + Asterisk question

Bisker, Scott (7805) sbisker at harvardgrp.com
Tue Dec 2 14:28:07 MST 2003


I have 12 7960 phones with 6.0 with no issues.  Sounds like a hardware problem to me.

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I have several phones running Cisco's 6.0 SIP software release at 
this time.  Two of the phones have not shown any abnormal behaviors, 
but one of them has an unsettling propensity to lock up after several 
hours, where the softkey labels disappear and the phone stops 
registering, requiring the standard *-6-settings reboot sequence. 
Otherwise, the phone seems to work OK except for a slight flickering 
of the LCD (hence my suspicions that this might be a hardware issue.)

The two working 6.0 phones I have are registered to "Asterisk 
CVS-11/08/03-20:12:44" and the one failing phone is registering to 
"Asterisk CVS-11/18/03-16:53:17".  I can't easily move phones around 
at the moment due to a variety of infrastructure and political issues 
beyond my control, so I ask here if anyone else here has experienced 
any unexpected lockups with 6.0 (registering to Asterisk or not) or 
if this is a hardware problem with this particular phone.

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