[Asterisk-Users] CTI/TAPI

Michael T Farnworth mtf at maximasystems.com
Tue Dec 2 11:00:33 MST 2003

I think we need to look carefully at the situation here.  We all know that
training on complex specialist products can often come in at between
2-4,000USD per week per individual (certainly this is my commercial
experience).  However normally when I go on a training course there are
around 10 other people in the class at least, which amounts to
20-40,000USD for the week of training.

It may well be that the company offering the training could use their
trainer for instructing a group of 10 people instead, in which case
offering the training for less than 20,000USD would result in a loss of 

The figure may sound ridiculous, but it might just reflect commercial 


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