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Vledder, Hans Hans_Vledder at nl.compuware.com
Tue Dec 2 04:24:54 MST 2003

Hi Lenny,

Thanks for your response. Does the *24 work for you, does it actually beep
?. The funny thing is, I came accross the A(x) option at www.voip-info.org,
but it's not being mentioned in the app_dial.c of Asterisk 0.5.0. So all
this left me in doubt about whether it actually exists. Since I am only
planning an Asterisk PBX currently (awaiting the 4BRI + drivers of Kapejod),
I am not able to actually test it yet.


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In article <bqfstd$1tu3$1 at enterprise.icus.com> you write:
|I would like to play an announcement to the user on what external line a
|call came in, right before this call get bridged to this user. How would I
|go about implementing this in * ?

Apparently the "A" option in the Dial() application is supposed to
do it... I haven't gotten it work though, if you do, let me know..

show application dial from the CLI... this is what I have:

  '*24' =>          1. Dial(SIP/6624|20|A(beep)r)

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