Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Dec 1 11:56:38 MST 2003

Bartosz Jozwiak wrote:

> I would like to release prepaid application.
> But I have a small problem, we are using their Cisco prompts (nice lady 
> voice)
> And I do not know if it is ok to release it.
I don't know about the rights to the Cisco prompts, so be sure
to remove them and then release it. User other sound files as props
and make sure the scripts are there, so we know what to replace it with.
Maybe someone can fund a recording with the Asterisk voice if the application
is interesting enough.

If you want it to be part of Asterisk after testing by the community,
make sure you sign the disclaimer and fax to Digium. You'll find it
on bugs.digium.com. You still have the copyright to your application,
but give Digium the right to include it in Asterisk if they want to.

Thank you for contributing to Asterisk!


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