[Asterisk-Users] Re: Asterisk European Tour: was RE: * Party in Paris

Low, Adam ALow at Prioritytelecom.com
Mon Dec 1 08:53:57 MST 2003

>>>Those things generally happen in Amsterdam. And in Kristiania in
>>>Copenhagen. The usual problem: Smoking too much pot

> I have to object to that, as a rule of thumb the Dutch only rob tourists who
> are dressed like tourists and act like tourists, that's what we all agreed
> to here and live by -- please just dress local and act local, so we can
> finally stop smoking pot just to keep up foreign misconception ...

> :-)
> Regards,
> Hans Vledder
> The Netherlands

Hans although your somewhat right I don't think its fare to ask all tourists to leave their clothes at customs and to don  clogs and ride a battered old bike around the city. I also must say that from my experience its very rarely (I've never heard of it) the native Dutch that perform these crimes.

Sorry for the off topic ...

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