[Asterisk-Users] Newbie question

wasim at convergence.com.pk wasim at convergence.com.pk
Thu Aug 28 06:34:51 MST 2003

On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Timothy Soos wrote:

> I have a very newbie question: I recently bought an Asterisk Developer's 
> Kit (TDM).  Which of the following can I use with an TDM400P card and expect 
> it to work properly:
> - - A $5 analog telephone I got from Wal Mart into the TDM400P card and expect 
> it to work properly, or can I only use an analog phone specificaly designed 
> for use in a PBX

a) please don't post PGP onto a mailing list
b) the standard $5 phone should work
c) specific phones for PBX MAY or MAY NOT work, depends on how specific 
they are to a specific PBX :)

welome to *


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