[Asterisk-Users] SIP phones

WipeOut . wipeout at linuxmail.org
Mon Aug 25 03:56:51 MST 2003

> Hi,
> I wonder if you guys can recomend a good SIP phone.
> A phone thats works great with * has a lot of features, and is cheap.
> Actually all kind pf VoIP hardware is of interesst.
> Is there a really good site for VoIP harware ?
> /Mike

Thats a bit of a contradictions there.. cheap and lots of features generally don't go hand in hand..

My recomendation is that you first set an estimate as to how much you want to spend per phone..

If you want to spend less than $100 then the best bet for you is the Grandstream BudgeTone.. I phone I recommend for the cost concious buyer.. and it works well with Asterisk, Would be nice if it had GSM or iLBC support..

If you want to spend $100 - $500 I would recommend the Snom 200, A nice looking phone with a very good feature set and GSM codec support..

If you are happy to spend more than $500 per phone then you can look at the Cisco's which are very pricey but have the most features..

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