[Asterisk-Users] VoIP dialtone?

Brian West brian at bkw.org
Wed Aug 20 20:48:09 MST 2003

	That is one of the reasons I have went with nufone and the company
I work for is going to be going with nufone.  No need having idle channels
when someone could be putting them to use! :P (and you make $$) Everyone's


On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Jeremy McNamara wrote:

> Dan Austin wrote:
> >I've watched the discussions about IAX/SIP service providers, and
> >most seem to be geared exclusively to the single user/line household.
> >I know a number of small businesses that would jump to a VoIP carrier
> >that allowed concurrent calls, heck my family has one.
> >
> NuFone doesn't restrict any number of simultaneous channels and we do
> have a wholesale platform we ~can~ offer.
> Jeremy McNamara
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