[Asterisk-Users] call routing based on dnis

wasim at convergence.com.pk wasim at convergence.com.pk
Sat Aug 16 00:08:28 MST 2003


simple to do, assuming numbers are being passed through on dnis, in 
the relevant context (from zapata) put

exten => 6601122,1,Hangup		#users dialing here bye-bye
exten => 5551122,1,Playback(beep)	#users here (pun intended) beep

- wasim

On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, Azher Amin wrote:

> Is it to possible to route incomming call using dnis information to specific extension or section in the extensions.conf ??
> like my users dial my asterisk box using different toll free numbers, but i can't offer them unique services. 
> Plz suggest that if it is possible ? if possible then any example ...

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