[Asterisk-Users] ACD and/or CTI components for Asterisk

Todd Lieberman todd at tlsolutions.net
Tue Oct 24 22:48:57 MST 2000

You bet,  check the archives for the management interface and

look at /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing

in the source there is sample.call

I have built some cgi stuff, contact me off list and I'll see what I can 
share with you.


Todd Lieberman
mailto:todd at tlsolutions.net
p. 215.495.0030
f. 215.495.0031

Jim O'Brien wrote:
> Is there is an open source ACD component for Asterisk?
> Likewise, is there an open source CTI component that will work with 
> Asterisk?
> Regards,
> Jim O'Brien

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