[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk with one signalling link but 2 opc

Mehdi Shirazi mahdi_shirazi at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 00:40:05 CDT 2016

I connected 2 asterisk server with libss7 together to simulate real scenario.
There is one signaling link between .
Asterisk one has one opc11 but Asterisk two have two opc2_1 and opc2_2. 
There is 2 spans between , and I want to first spans use opc2_1 and second span use opc2_2.
For setting Asterisk one there is no problem , in same linkset I can add new defaultdpc=3
 and new channels and new CICs. but in second server how I can add CICs ,here I should separate 
add CICs based on pointcode (opc2_1 and opc2_2) but it seems one link set just accept one point code.

If I want to add linkset with new pointcode(opc) with same signaling channel it is not possible.

how I can have one signaling link but multiple originate point code in different channel groups  ?


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