[asterisk-ss7] echo canceller creates noise with libss7

Jean Cérien cerien.jean at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 13:32:22 CST 2016

Hello again,

I have a TE235 with hardware echo canceller - drivers look correctly loaded:
lsmod shows:
wcte43x                64019  62
oct612x               170083  1 wcte43x
dahdi                 228088  188 oct612x,wcte43x

I am testing with asterisk 13.6.0, libss7-2.0.0, libpri-1.4.15,
and dahdi-linux-complete-2.11.0+2.11.0

I am running a loopback test, thanks to Gustavo's help, between the two
ports of the TE235. When I activate in chan_dahdi the echo canceller
(echocancel=yes), there is a strong background noise / crackling / audio
garbled on the audio. Sound is crystal clear when I set it no - same issue
if i set it to 128 - though reading the comments of the file, I wasnt
expecting much

However, when I configure dahdi with ISDN mode, and activate echo, or
downgrade to asterisk 11.20.0 & chan_ss7 (trunk), I can activate the echo
canceller and experience no noise at all.

What could be causing this issue ?

Thanks for the help

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