[asterisk-ss7] a104 libss7 CIC configuration

Michal Rybárik michal at rybarik.sk
Tue Feb 11 18:19:31 CST 2014


On 02/12/2014 12:37 AM, Athiq Rahman wrote:
> I have asterisk 11.6 with libss7 1.0.2 2x A104 card.
> I have been given 4 E1 from my carrier with the following CIC 
> configuraiton
> VOICE CIC: 1-15, 17-31
> SIG=16
> VOICE CIC: 33-63
> VOICE CIC: 65-95
> VOICE CIC: 97-127
> The carrier is saying that only the CIC 1-31 pass the continuity 
> check. They are asking me to run CIC continuity check on my side, 
> which I do not know how to perform.
> Does anyone how to do the CIC continuity check from asterisk side?

Probably this is not possible yet. As I know, with libss7 you can 
receive continuity check request, but not send it.

> doing a dahdi show channel for 125, 126 and 127 show that those 
> channels are part of span 5, even though in my systems.conf file 
> below, i have disabled span 5 -8.

It seems that your DAHDI channels are not configured properly. My DAHDI 
is using channel numbers 1-31, 32-62, 63-93, 94-124 for first 4 spans. 
You are configuring your span4 with channels up to 127, but 125-127 are 
probably on span5.  You have Red alarm on these channels, probably you 
don't have anything connected in span5 (no link). Try to correct channel 
numbers in /etc/dahdi/system.conf and also chan_dahdi.conf and use 
intervals which are listed above (but exclude channel used for 
signalling in span1).

If your peer really use CIC numbering as he sent you, probably you will 
do something like this in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf

channel=32-62 <<< changed
channel=63-93 <<< changed
channel=94-124 <<< changed


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