[asterisk-ss7] ss7-27-knk: Some findings, possible improvements

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Tue Mar 26 08:34:48 CDT 2013


On Tue, 26 Mar 2013 14:05:16 +0100, Pavel Troller <patrol at sinus.cz> wrote:
> Hi!
>   So, I'm getting familiar with this improved SS7 support. It seems
> improved compared to the standard one, but it still requires some
> modifications
> to be even better :-).
>   1) Overlap receiving support.
>   It seems to be partially implemented.

Yes, it needs some more love, but i am not using overlap dialing and
that's why i have not touched it.

>   2) Remapping hexadecimal digits.
>   Hexadecimal addresses are used heavily in our network. We are using
>   for
> various prefixes like Network Routing Numbers, Operator Routing Numbers
> Number Portability prefixes. One of the widely used prefixes is EFxxx,
> which is
> converted to *#xxx by current version of libss7.
>   Of course it was easy to patch it (the dialplan is fully prepared to
>   handle
> pure hex), but it's not generally usable solution. I'm thinking about
> making
> this feature configurable. But this functionality is performed by
> not
> sig_ss7, which makes passing such config options more complicated. BTW
> would
> require more advanced configuration, because for example, our EWSD
> use
> different mapping, if requested: * is hex B and # is hex C.
>   What do you think about this ?

There were some discussions about that previously, but no mapping will
suit all, while it is easy to change the mapping and recompile. I don't
think it is worth it the complication

>   3) A question at the end: Is overlap sending supported as of now ?
>   I can't find any place, where a SAM is being sent...

No, it is not supported - see 1)

>   With regards,
>     Pavel
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