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amine ferhi.med.amine at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 05:23:15 CDT 2013

Hi All,

I am new to Asterisk and SS7, I will be exposing the details of my
problem here hoping for guidance and/or hints about things that I might
missed within my configuration.

_Objective : _
- Set up SS7 between two Asterisk Boxes using chan_ss7 using PRI
Telephony cards cabled directly with a PRI cable.

_Current configuration :_
- Asterisk :
- Dahdi :
- Kernel :
- chan_ss7 : 2.1.0
- 2 Machines : Machine1 (ipbrick144 | + Machine2
(ipbrick145 |
- chan_dahdi unloaded, chan_ss7 loaded

The chan_ss7 loads without problem, but i am not able to have an ALIGNED
Link in both machines.

# rasterisk -x "ss7 link status"

linkset:siuc, link:l2/16, state:NOT_ALIGNED, sls:1, total: 1857882016/1857882048

CLI> ss7 linestat 

Linkset: siuc

CIC   1 Idle Reset pending

CIC   2 Idle Reset pending

CIC   3 Idle Reset pending

CIC   4 Idle Reset pending

CIC   5 Idle Reset pending

CIC   6 Idle Reset pending

CIC   7 Idle Reset pending

CIC   8 Idle Reset pending

CIC   9 Idle Reset pending

CIC  10 Idle Reset pending

CIC  11 Idle Reset pending

CIC  12 Idle Reset pending

CIC  13 Idle Reset pending

CIC  14 Idle Reset pending

CIC  15 Idle Reset pending

CIC  17 Idle Reset pending

CIC  18 Idle Reset pending

CIC  19 Idle Reset pending

CIC  20 Idle Reset pending

CIC  21 Idle Reset pending

CIC  22 Idle Reset pending

CIC  23 Idle Reset pending

CIC  24 Idle Reset pending

CIC  25 Idle Reset pending

CIC  26 Idle Reset pending

CIC  27 Idle Reset pending

CIC  28 Idle Reset pending

CIC  29 Idle Reset pending

CIC  30 Idle Reset pending

CIC  31 Idle Reset pending

- Within the logs, i have the next message :

 WARNING[13581] mtp.c: MTP2 timer T2 timeout (failed to receive 'O', 'N', or 'E' after sending 'O'), initial alignment failed on link 'l2'.

- Within the console, i have the next messages when i manually load
chan_ss7 :

] NOTICE[23391]: config.c:805 load_config_link: Configured link 'l1' on linkset 'siuc', firstcic=1

[Mar 15 16:49:38] NOTICE[23391]: config.c:1278 load_config: Configuring OPC 1, DPC 2 for linkset 'siuc'.

    -- Starting cluster thread, pid=23209.

  == Registered channel type 'SS7' (SS7 Protocol Driver)

    -- Starting continuity check thread, pid=23209.

[Mar 15 16:49:38] NOTICE[23391]: mtp.c:2467 mtp_init: Initialising 1 signalling links

    -- Starting MTP thread, pid=23209.

[Mar 15 16:49:38] WARNING[23391]: utils.c:176 start_thread: Failed to set thread to realtime priority: Operation not permitted.

    -- Starting monitor thread, pid=23209.

[Mar 15 16:49:38] NOTICE[23418]: mtp.c:2348 mtp_init_link: Initialising link 'l1/16', linkset 'siuc', sls 0.

[Mar 15 16:49:38] NOTICE[23418]: mtp.c:2366 mtp_init_link: Signalling channel on link 'l1/16' has signalling type 0x0080.

[Mar 15 16:49:38] NOTICE[23418]: mtp.c:2063 mtp_thread_main: Empty Dahdi output buffer detected, outgoing packets may have been lost on link 'l1'.

    -- SS7 channel loaded successfully.

 Loaded chan_ss7.so => (SS7 Protocol Support)

- The next configuration is the same between the two Asterisk boxes.



; The linkset is enabled

enabled => yes

; The end-of-pulsing (ST) is not used to determine when incoming address is complete

enable_st => no

; Reply incoming call with CON rather than ACM and ANM

use_connect => yes

; The CIC hunting policy (even_mru, odd_lru, seq_lth, seq_htl) is even CIC numbers, most recently used

hunting_policy => seq_lth

; Incoming calls are placed in the ss7 context in the asterisk dialplan

context => ss7

; The language for this context is da

language => da

; The value and action for t35. Value is in msec, action is either st or timeout

; If you use overlapped dialling dial plan, you might choose: t35 => 4000,st

t35 => 15000,timeout

; The subservice field: national (8), international (0), auto or decimal/hex value

; The auto means that the subservice is obtained from first received SLTM

subservice => auto

; The host running the mtp3 service

;mtp3server => localhost


sltm => no

linkset => siuc

channels => 1-15,17-31

schannel => 16

firstcic => 1

enabled => yes


sltm => no

linkset => siuc

channels => 1-15,17-31

schannel => 16

firstcic => 1

enabled => yes



enabled => yes

opc => 0x1

dpc => siuc:0x2

links => l1:1

if-1 =>



enabled => yes

opc => 0x1

dpc => siuc:0x2

links => l2:1

if-1 =>

_/etc/dahdi/system.conf _(I tryed using mtp & bchan, the result was the





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