[asterisk-ss7] KNK SS7-27 - first experiences - part 1

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 09:03:13 CDT 2013

Hello Gentlemen,

I find this post very interesting. I have set up many traditional T1s
with my father here in Canada (I am 17), and looking to experiment
with SS7 signaling. I have been reading up on it quite a bit and have
some questions. I see you guys are using T1 cards for the
interconnect. Is this after the link has been muxed? Or is the
signaling coming in on T1/E1s? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
More specifically is the SS7 interconnect with the CO done using
grouped PRI trunks mapped in a T&E1/3 transport layer. Or A-Links,

I really want to experiment with an interconnect using the SS7
signaling to help bring to light what I have been studying. What is
the minimum I would need to ask a service provider for in terms of
service (i.e., T1 with SS7 signaling?), and hardware.

Last question I promise!!! It seems that this setup
Asterisk+lib_ss7+digium cards act as a media gateway? This is really
cool once stable!

Kind Regards,


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