[asterisk-ss7] KNK SS7-27 - first experiences - part 1

Johann Steinwendtner steinwendtner at gmx.net
Tue Jun 25 08:15:59 CDT 2013

On 2013-06-25 14:56, Marcelo Pacheco wrote:
> What code are you using ?
> Is this not stock libss7 ? Stock libss7 can't decode ISUP SUS/RES like that.
> In my code, I explicitly ignore ALL SUS / RES, they have no needed
> processing associated with Brazilian ISUP.
> Asterisk and kernel dahdi version ?
> If you enable dahdi_pcap:
> # dahdi_pcap -c 16 -f /tmp/mycap.ss7
> Capturing protocol mtp2 on channels 16 to file /tmp/mycap.ss7
> Packets captured: 7
> Then you can analyze the capture in wireshark / ethereal.
> But it has one bug, if you shutdown the owner of the link while
> dahdi_pcap is running, the system will reset on its own.
> As long as you don't leave dahdi_pcap running around, its not a problem.

Which hardware for your E1's are you guys using ? I have seen this nasty behaviour
on Sangoma cards only.

Where to report problems for this  KNK SS7-27  branch ? Jira or this list ?

Thanks Hans

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