[asterisk-ss7] moh stopped before ringing

胡万勇 krisyong at 163.com
Sun Jun 2 06:25:02 CDT 2013

my environment:
centos 5.4
chan_ss7 2.2.0

Telecom -> chan_ss7 --> Asterisk --> chan_ss7 --> Telecom
the caller can't hear anything and display:

-- Called ss7/021114
-- Started music on hold, class 'default', on SS7/1/5
-- Stopped music on hold on SS7/1/5
-- SS7/1/30 is ringing
-- SS7/1/30 is making progress passing it to SS7/1/5

now the caller can't hear anything from calling....

wny music on hold stopped after ringing ?

However, if I use: MusicOnHold(default) in the dial plan, I can hear the
music placed in moh.

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