[asterisk-ss7] No Voice in channels

Akib Sayyed akibsayyed at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 06:55:03 CDT 2013

here is configuration details

signalling=ss7 ;this is ss7 signalling
ss7type=itu ;using the ITU variant
ss7_called_nai=dynamic ;NAI for outgoing calls
ss7_calling_nai=dynamic ;NAI for incoming calls
ss7_internationalprefix=00 ;internation prefixvalue for incoming calls
ss7_nationalprefix=0 ;national prefix value for incoming calls
ss7_subscriberprefix=7;subscriber prefixvalue for incoming calls
ss7_unknownprefix= ;unknown prefix value for incoming calls
ss7_explictacm=yes ;ACM is send as soon as call enters the dialplan...may
not accepted yet though
linkset=5 ;arbitary name forthis set of channels
pointcode=6700 ;the point code forthis system...aka SPC
adjpointcode=6080 ;the point code forthe system that we are signalling
to... aka APC
defaultdpc=6095 ;the point code forthe system that the CICs will be
negoiated with...aka DPC
networkindicator=national ;NI value for MTP3
cicbeginswith=1 ;the starting valueof the CICs
channels=94-124   ;the channels thatare CICs
sigchan=126;the signalling channel

here is other side expecting cic
   *C-10* *1-31*  *C-11* *33-63*  *C-1* *65-95*  *C-2* *97-127*
and i have mapped PRI wise only difference is CIC number

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 5:15 PM, Frederic Van Espen
<frederic.ve at gmail.com>wrote:

> On 08/29/2013 01:40 PM, Akib Sayyed wrote:
>> I have implemented 4 E1. calls are going properly but there is no voice
>> on channels. can you please explain why this is happening
> We would need more information on your configuration. Can you post your
> configuration files? Also, what are the settings the other party is
> expecting concerning CICs?
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