[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk SS7 + Audiocodes Mediant 2000

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 06:35:36 CDT 2013

if u have the ss7 mediant 2000, then the gateway would do the ss7-sip
conversion. No need for asterisk ss7

On 8/15/13, Marcelo - Goiás - Moreira - Serviços de Engenharia
<goias_verdao at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Good morning everyone,
> I need to connect a server with Asterisk SS7 gateway Audiocodes "Mediant
> 2000" with 4 G703 E1 trunks. Does anyone have script for Asterisk and
> information or configuration files for Audiocodes "Mediant 2000"?Any
> tutorials that you can use?
> Atencionsamente,
> MarceloMD

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