[asterisk-ss7] Megaco

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Aug 14 22:54:41 CDT 2013

  Generally, Megaco is a relatively advanced protocol, much more complex than
MGCP, which is partially supported by Asterisk. I'm afraid that it would be
necessary to write a Megaco stack from scratch, which will surely take a long
time and will be expensive.
  Also, this mailing list is reserved for SS7 related topics, not for general
Asterisk questions, so there are probably not all the people which would 
eventually be able to help you. I'll suggest to post your question to some 
more general lists.
  With regards,

> Hi:
> I need to connect an asterisk  to a softswitch that only speaks MEGACO.
> According to what I read, asterisk does not support MEGACO. ?Is there any
> patch or anyone willing to make a patch for making asterisk support MEGACO.
> Of course I’d pay for that patch.
> Thanks
> Laura Maurizi

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