[asterisk-ss7] Bug in libss7 with CGB handling

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Wed Oct 10 04:01:09 CDT 2012

 you have missed an important piece of information as libss7 and asterisk
versions. Is this with the latest changes made ( see
https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1676/ and issue SS7-27)?

On Wed, 10 Oct 2012 02:19:10 +0200, Gregory Massel <greg at csurf.co.za>
> I've picked up a bug in libss7.


> The really annoying part of this is that I cannot locally block the CICs

> because the command "ss7 block cic 1 17" because that command doesn't 
> let one specify which link within the linkset to apply to. I have 
> redundant links within the linkset but that command blocks both CIC 17 
> on link 1 of linkset 1 as well as CIC 17 on link 2 of linkset 1. We 
> really need the syntax to be something link "ss7 block cic <linkset> 
> <dpc>/<cic>" so that it can deal with identical CIC numbers to different

> defaultdpc's within the same redundant linkset.

In the latest version cic and group blocking allows you to specify dpc, so
it seems you are not using it. Those changes are not part of the Asterisk
yet and testing/reporting bugs will be welcome, but it may (or) not be
ready for production use.

> All of this also highlights another major shortcoming of 
> libss7/chan_dahdi; they do not automatically issue CGB messages to the 
> other side and block CICs when the E1 goes into an alarm state. Now 
> we're relying on the remote end to detect the alarm and block the CICs 
> but that doesn't work properly because of a bug in the CGB processing...
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