[asterisk-ss7] minimal STP operational

Marcelo Pacheco marcelo at m2j.com.br
Thu Nov 29 21:48:04 CST 2012

This is a comercial announcement related to Asterisk and libss7.

I have a minimal STP solution for libss7 operational. It patches 
libss7-1.0.2 and asterisk.
In compliance with the GPL license, every customer that hires the STP 
solution will get the source code.

Another enhancement (independent of the STP funcionality) is an MTP2 
over UDP transport, supporting having one central STP, and Asterisks 
with only TDM voice trunks, with its signalling interface running 
through the STP via UDP.

If you need an STP solution to share TDM signalling links across 
multiple point codes, please contact me off list.

Next feature is clustering, allowing for ss7 routes between the same opc 
and dpc split between multiple asterisk instances.


Marcelo Pacheco
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