[asterisk-ss7] SLS handling in libss7

Chris Twombly ctwombly at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 12:33:07 CST 2012

I'm wondering how SLS is handled in libss7 and can it be manually defined
as far as the default SLS value selection? I'm trying to get an SS7 link to
synchronize with the PSTN. Physically, the link is good but it continues to
swap between IDLE and NOTALIGNED. All cics are defined and correspond to
the PSTN settings, as well as all the point codes. I did send an ss7
unblock linkset 1 command from the CLI just to see what happened with ss7
debugging turned on and noticed my Asterisk box was sending out SLS 9. The
PSTN is using SLS 0 as default. Do the SLS values need to be aligned on
each side, i.e. Asterisk box and PSTN?  My current setup is the current
versions of the following (just created the Asterisk box on Friday):

Asterisk 10
wanpipe (for Sangoma A104)

I'm thinking I have an issue with the signaling link selection causing the
misalignment.  I can have the PSTN change settings, but would prefer to fix
on my end if it is possible to declare the SLS default value somewhere.

Thanks in advance!
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