[asterisk-ss7] Unable to forward frametype: 2

Ryan Crowder ryanc at customteleconnect.com
Wed Jan 4 13:18:03 CST 2012

But the frame type errors don't really coincide with the MTP2 errors?  I want to get rid of both but do you think one is causing the other?
This box isn't really doing too much right now so I wouldn't think it's a load issue.
I did move the rhino and asterisk cards to different cpu's at one point but they obviously didn't stay.  I'll start looking into how to do that.  Tips appreciated.

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2012/1/4 Ryan Crowder <ryanc at customteleconnect.com>:
> Can someone help me with these frametype 2 errors?  They occasionally 
> cause

> [Dec 30 08:13:01] NOTICE[29208] chan_iax2.c: Auto-congesting call due 
> to slow response

> [Dec 30 08:13:33] NOTICE[29204] chan_iax2.c: Auto-congesting call due 
> to slow response
> [Dec 31 06:27:12] WARNING[29289] app_dial.c: Unable to write 
> frametype: 2
> [Dec 31 06:44:33] WARNING[29402] app_dial.c: Unable to write 
> frametype: 2
> [Dec 31 21:00:36] WARNING[29195] sig_ss7.c: MTP2 link down (SLC 0)
> [Dec 31 21:00:41] NOTICE[29195] chan_dahdi.c: SS7 got event: HDLC 
> Abort(6) on span 1/0
> [Dec 31 21:00:56] NOTICE[29195] chan_dahdi.c: SS7 got event: HDLC Bad 
> FCS(8) on span 1/0

The big problem is HDLC Abort(6) / HDLC Bad FCS(8) / MTP2 link down (SLC 0). And this is the source.

not the " Unable to write frametype: 2", this is only effect.

Too much work on CPU on this box? Try to disable any software cpu-intensive tasks like transcoding, dtmf detection, software EC etc...
or put rxt1 (Rhino channel bank or sth?) to another CPU like CPU1 ?

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