[asterisk-ss7] Mantis ID 13495

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Wed Jan 4 08:54:33 CST 2012

On Wed, 04 Jan 2012 08:20:07 -0600, "Kevin P. Fleming"
<kpfleming at digium.com> wrote:
> On 01/04/2012 07:49 AM, Kaloyan Kovachev wrote:
>> Hello list,
>>   most of us are using Domjan's version with Asterisk 1.6.x.x for
>> (over an year). Current Asterisk trunk does not even compile with
>> trunk.
>>   So i have decided to try to update the patches from Mantis ID 13495
>> current trunks so we would finally have (hopefully) a stable and
>> out of the box SS7 with the next LTS Asterisk. At the moment there are
>> not
>> many changes from 10.0, so the patch should apply cleanly there too.
>>   I hope to have enough time to finish the patch in the next few weeks,
>>   but
>> will need some help from the community for testing it and have it
>> approved
>> for inclusion.
>>   And few questions about the steps required (to the bug marshals
>>   mostly):
>>   Licensig - the patches were made from Domjan Attila and uploaded to
>> bug-tracker, so it should be safe to post the code which is not mine?
>>   Where - should i upload the patch to Jira SS7-27 or create a new
>>   Which versions - i guess trunk for both libss7 and Asterisk is the
>> version to patch?
>>   How - it will be easier for me to make a single patch and also it
>>   be
>> easier to make a single review on the review board instead of dozen of
>> small patches (like in the issue), but is it OK?
> You are on the right track with all of your questions; feel free to 
> merge together the previously-uploaded patches and put them in a review 
> together (and also on the appropriate issue in the SS7 project). Just be

> careful not to incorporate anything from Domjan's repository that hasn't

> been directly uploaded to JIRA, unless you get explicit written 
> permission to do so (and include it in the issue).

That should not be a problem as i am using 1.6.1 with the patches from
mantis, not his svn directly.
I can see libss7 contains almost all of them, just chan_dahdi need
changes, so it should be even easier

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