[asterisk-ss7] Mantis ID 13495

Kaloyan Kovachev kkovachev at varna.net
Wed Jan 4 07:49:30 CST 2012

Hello list,
 most of us are using Domjan's version with Asterisk 1.6.x.x for months
(over an year). Current Asterisk trunk does not even compile with libss7
 So i have decided to try to update the patches from Mantis ID 13495 to
current trunks so we would finally have (hopefully) a stable and working
out of the box SS7 with the next LTS Asterisk. At the moment there are not
many changes from 10.0, so the patch should apply cleanly there too.

 I hope to have enough time to finish the patch in the next few weeks, but
will need some help from the community for testing it and have it approved
for inclusion.

 And few questions about the steps required (to the bug marshals mostly):
 Licensig - the patches were made from Domjan Attila and uploaded to the
bug-tracker, so it should be safe to post the code which is not mine?
 Where - should i upload the patch to Jira SS7-27 or create a new issue?
 Which versions - i guess trunk for both libss7 and Asterisk is the
version to patch?
 How - it will be easier for me to make a single patch and also it will be
easier to make a single review on the review board instead of dozen of
small patches (like in the issue), but is it OK?

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