[asterisk-ss7] ISUP Signaling probe with modify ability

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Hi Folks,


The standard STP function would not work here as the messages would not pass to ISUP for further lookup in the list and the rest, but as Vashkar said it seems some changes in the protocol’s default behavior may solve the problem, it means all MSU should go through ISUP of the STP.




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Try signal transfer point.

On Feb 11, 2012 1:18 PM, "Mehdi Shirazi" <mahdi_shirazi at yahoo.com> wrote:

I want to put one signaling probe between two TDM Exchanges(local => transit) and just pass signaling link through this probe (voice channels go directly with 150E1) , this probe should transparently send all signaling messages between two TDM Exchanges except for some A or B numbers list, for this list this probe should REL the call with special Cause Value.
( one application of this scenario is for providing Fixed line prepaid telephony service, don't mix it with prepaid card)
please give me any idea about how to implement it.


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