[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk with chan_ss7 "freeze"

misme Gazeta.pl misme at gazeta.pl
Sat Dec 29 06:45:23 CST 2012


I have problem with asterisk, dahdi and chan_ss7
2.1.1b-sam (with SAM support patch) - time to time it "freeze"
 - in log there is information:

[Dec 27 20:31:58] NOTICE[14139] mtp.c: Full MTP receivebuf, event lost,

asterisk is working, but when i try to execute "core show channels" it
shows only header of information:

Connected to Asterisk currently running on ZDAP (pid + 19506)
ZDAP*CLI> core show channels
Channel Location State Application(dataa)
ZDAP*CLI> core stop now
ZDAP*CLI> exit

asterisk also do not respond to "core stop now" - only "killall -9
asterisk" can stop it. What could be a problem?

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