[asterisk-ss7] No audio using libss7 over E1

Krzysztof Drewicz krzysztofdrewicz at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 11:41:22 CDT 2012

2012/8/1 David Wilson <dave at dcdata.co.za>
> With debugging enabled on my SS7 linkset I see the following in my logs. Unfortunately not being familiar with SS7 it doesn't mean too much to me. Everything that I've read indicates that a "no audio" problem with SS7 generally indicates misaligned CICs but according to the operator they are reported to be aligned ok.

Alignment on link does not mean that - you start counting CICs from
"1" and your partner does the same (one is one on both sides, some
telco switches count 1st CIC as 0, or even 2).

>                 CIC: 1
> ;Sangoma A102 port 1 [slot:4 bus:12 span:1] <wanpipe1>

So - it should be 1st CIC

> ;First E1
> sigchan=16
> cicbeginswith=1
> channel=1-15

Here you say, that first available channel has logical number one, and
you try to make 1st call on CIC 1, so it looks good.
Maybe simply - you should try to disable one E1 link? Simply comment
out - the second E1 and see if it's not mis-cabling ?
If the same "no audio" happen on the only one digital link (one E1) -
it's in 99.999% - mis numbered CIC - have you access to any passive
"recording" equipment ?
Another Sangoma card with at least 2 ports could allow for listening
if audio is being put on any timeslot (CIC, timeslot, Bchannel - call
it as you wish).

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