[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk as an STP with chan_ss7 or libss7

Marcelo Pacheco marcelo at m2j.com.br
Thu Oct 6 09:47:50 CDT 2011

Even a full SS7 STP is an routing/load balancing/plus simple ACL security.
STP is a level 3 functionality.
Proxy is level 4 or level 7 functionality.
Although some STPs come with extra funcionality that allows for 
portability lookups and billing independent of the participating 
switches, but calling that STP is wrong.


On 10/06/11 11:27, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> On 10/06/2011 09:23 AM, Chris Twombly wrote:
>> I would like to hook up 3 Asterisk boxes to test SS7 functionality but I
>> would like to send a bearer trunk between boxes and A and C and then
>> send the signaling links to box B from A and C, respectively.  This
>> would make box B behave as an STP.  Is this possible with the current
>> version of chan_ss7 or libss7?
>> Can anyone recommend using libss7 or chan_ss7 for particular reasons?
>>   Having briefly looked at both, it appears they both perform similar
>> functions with chan_ss7 being a channel driver that has its own config
>> file and libss7 being a library that has its configurations integrated
>> with chan_dahdi.conf.  Are they basically just two different approaches
>> for implementing the same/similar functionality?
> No, there is no support in any current Asterisk SS7 solution for it 
> act as an STP. That's essentially an 'SS7 proxy', and Asterisk doesn't 
> have the ability to act that transparently.

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