[asterisk-ss7] Some Channels are Blocked with remote maintanence

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Mon Nov 21 02:35:17 CST 2011

Hello list,

i have two E1 running on a asterisk 1.8 with chan_ss7 which i have set
to production state last week. And after around 5000 calls i can see
that 3 channels are in state BLOCKED Remote Maintenance. My carrier said
he hasnt blocked anything on this two E1 lines but he can see some
messages even on busy lines he doesnt understand.

Asterisk was automatically restarted every night but these three
channels stay at this state.

Is this a known bug or what can i do to solve this problem?

asterisk verison 1.8 (Asterisk SVN-schmidts-unleash-the-beast-r343849)
chan_ss7 version (chan_ss7 version 2.1.0) but with some patches to isup
for connected line information and also the patch for the additional
calling party header.


best regards

stefan schmidt

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