[asterisk-ss7] CRBT with ss7 and asterisk

Wasim Baig wasim at convergence.pk
Thu Nov 10 09:46:19 CST 2011


he means Custom Ring Back Tone, where a subscriber can have a db lookup
done for a song of their choice and played back to a calling party, instead
of the standard ring-ring

this is generally an INAP or CAMEL function, none of the existing SS7
options have it for asterisk in FOSS, afaik

100k concurrent, means 3225 E1, and even with Sangomas 8E1 cards, 4 to a
box, you're looking at over 100 chassis just for the media alone

asterisk isn't really geared for scaling up to this scale, you'd be much
better off with the big iron boxes ...

that said, if you're still REALLY INTERESTED in doing this, let us know,
i'm sure we can figure something out that can start smaller and scale up

it won't be cheap though ...


On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 20:17, Michael Mueller <ss7box at gmail.com> wrote:

> what's CRBT?

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