[asterisk-ss7] Having troubles with redirecting number

Kliment Toshkov, Netfinity Ltd. kt at netfinity.bg
Tue Mar 29 11:27:13 CDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I am trying to include original called number and redirecting number 
information in IAM, however it is not happening acording to the traces.
My dialplan has:

exten => _103.,n,Set(SS7_ORIG_CALLED_NUM=24373003)
exten => _103.,n,Set(SS7_REDIRECTING_NUMBER=24373333)

exten => _103.,n,Set(_SS7_ORIG_CALLED_NUM=24373003)
exten => _103.,n,Set(_SS7_REDIRECTING_NUMBER=24373333)

But trace does not show this optional information included in IAM.
The system is Asterisk with LibSS7 1.0.2.

Incoming Forwarded packets all have the needed information which means 
LibSS7 can decode it in IAM.

Please advise, it is very important to send information about forwarded 

Kliment Toshkov

Netfinity Ltd. / SMSPAY.BG

Hotline 24/7: 0700 45666
Phone: +359 2/ 491 8888

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