[asterisk-ss7] RES: Most stable SS7 Implementation WAS: facing problem with libss7

Rafael Prado Rocchi prado at practis.com.br
Thu Mar 17 14:53:34 CDT 2011

Have you tried Attila's Version?

We are using it in production in some companies.
But we implemented all SS7 stuff in asterisk 1.4

Asterisk 1.4
Digium Boards

It’s super stable and working fine with no errors for more than 6 months


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2011/3/17 Jeremy Parr <jeremyparr at gmail.com>:

> On that note, which flavour of SS7 driver provides the best support 
> and stability. It appears that Sangoma have their own SS7 
> implementation, as does Digium.

Well, Sangoma's libss7 does not have HA capability when you want to
split: one Signalling Point of your * (many CICs and at least two signaling
TS) on different hardware PC, so Sangoma's LIBSS7 is no good for me. The
slides from Sangoma, look the very same as they have been
3 years ago.

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