[asterisk-ss7] Asterisk + LibSS7 1.0.2 : Early Media Problem

Nyamul Hassan nyamul at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 04:51:48 CDT 2011


We have moved to the above config a couple of weeks ago, and really liking
the new-found stability I see in this configuration.  Previously, we used to
use Asterisk 1.6 + Chan_SS7 1.3, and was met with numerous "crashes" in high
CPS situations.

However, in this setup, the early media is giving us troubles.  With the
default config, no ring tone, no early media.  When we put
"prematureaudio=yes", still no sound.  And, putting "progressinband=yes"
makes Asterisk generate a ring tone, as is suggested by the note in the conf

But, we would like to get the early media that we get from the Telco side,
many of which are custom tones, like songs, music etc.  Can someone please
indicate what could be wrong in our setup?

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