[asterisk-ss7] Multiple OPC in Single Server LibSS7

Marcelo Pacheco marcelo at m2j.com.br
Wed Feb 23 15:02:45 CST 2011

What you're saying doesn't make a lot of sense.
We say OPC for the local point code and DPC for the destination point
code. It looks like someone switched the two.
It looks like you have one OPC and 4 DPC instead.
I've never seen any reason for multiple OPCs on a single switch except
for huge soft switches that need more CICs than possible with a single
switch on the other side. Think voice exchange between the two largest
voice carriers in NYC, LA, Mexico City, Tokyo, London, Paris, and such.
Point codes are a very limited resource.

Regardless, if what you said is actually correct, and if the signaling
links are separate, you can run 4 Asterisk instances each on the same
server with it's own configuration, then you can pretty much do whatever
you want, but you'll need to be aware of ALL TCP, UDP ports and UNIX
sockets that Asterisk use and set them up to use diferent numbers and paths.


Sriram wrote:
> Hi
> Is it possible to define Multiple linksets with different OPC under
> each linkset under LibSS7, if yes theoretically how many linksets can
> a Libss7 server support ? I am planning to use 2*TE420P  in a single
> server and my provider has given me 4 OPCs [1 for each telecom circle
> that he operates] and 1 DPC so I plan to define 4 linksets with 1
> point code in each . Is it possible ? or is that possible only with
> chan_ss7
> Thnks
> Sriram
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