[asterisk-ss7] Sangoma A108D LibSS7

Sriram d_r_sriram at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 11:35:39 CST 2011

Hi List


I am facing a very unique problem with Sangoma A108D and LibSS7 on Fedora..
I've 2 boxes one with digium TE420P and other with Sangoma A108D . If I
insert the SS7 link on Digium the SS7 comes in UP state while if I insert
the same in the sangoma box then it stays RED and even the physical link is
not coming up but strange enough the loop back is working fine.. I don't
even see any debug messages in SS7 like LINK ALIGNED or NOT ALIGNED.


Can someone throw any pointers..Ive also tried setting mtp2 to dchan but
still no respite..


Asterisk 1.6.0/DAHDI/LIBSS7 1.0.1/Fedora 11 is my software





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