[asterisk-ss7] Nx64k and ISUP

Michael Mueller ss7box at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 11:59:21 CST 2011

moved this to another topic...

this is interesting; i've never known anyone who has seen this
actually working; can you describe how it was used

how did the end user use it? what was the bandwidth for? who was the
end user - a human or a machine?

2011/12/9 Gustavo Mársico <gustavomarsico at gmail.com>:
> Just as a remark, there were a lot of BRI lines in USA using 64k. We ran
> ISDN videoconference stations in AT&T CALA to US in early 2000's (using AT&T
> and Sprint networks). They'd some DS1 with 64k channels to support
> international Nx64k calls with ANSI ISUP, but I'm not sure if that network
> remains active.
> Anyway, that was just a comment about this interesting subject.
> Gustavo

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