[asterisk-ss7] Problem with Nature of Address Indication...

Jesie Paluca jesie.paluca at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 13:03:17 CDT 2011

Hi Daniel,

Can you explain both national and international numbering plan within the
country you are conducting the call?  Check out with the distant provider
pertaining the access code for national and international dialing.

Brief glance at traces evidently indicate that ISUP called party Nature Of
Address (NOA) is national (0x3).  Moreover, both traces depicts leading zero
"0" and none zero "0" on the called party.

Essentially, NOA parameter of SS7 channel group has to be correctly set to
address known issue in dealing with National and International calls
covering SS7 network.  As far as I can recall, NOA settings can be
manipulated as parameter of Forward Call Indicator (FCI).

Try to dig on asterisk SS7 settings how you can manipulate NOA.



On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 6:02 AM, Daniel Pizarro Bustamante <
dpizarro at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Please ask you for help about a problem with a SS7 link with chan_ss7. The
> other side has an Ericsson.
> I only could make calls using the national numbering but I can not reach
> international numbers because the numebering is not recognized.
> We have tested all the different values for "subservice"  and globaltitle
> parameters.
> Kind regards,
> Daniel
> Ps. I have Pcap captures of the calls.
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