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Oh, just one last IMPORTANT thing I forgot to mention. Mind the presentation
flags. If the "calling party number" (Asterisk ${CALLINGPRES}) is flagged as
restricted it is ILLEGAL to transmit the number element to the next
peer/subscriber/useragent serviced by Asterisk, unless it is in the domain
of another licensed operator subject to regulatory provisions to know such
data. If the entity running the Asterisk is not an operator but a retail
customer and you are the carrier running Switch B, you must strip the
restricted number element out in SS7, which is not quite easy because retail
customers regularly don't use SS7 but rather Q.931/PRI, where switch vendors
are more likely to provide such retail restrictions. 


So long, Florian



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Apologies, I didn't READ all of your post. So I am to change my answer as
follows: Switch A becomes rather irrelevant here, except for the point of
certifying you the calling party number to be network provided and verified
(else, you don't trust calls CLI for voicemail authentication and reverse
charged services). Switch B must be configured right to send the redirection
parameters to the ISUP powered Asterisk PBX. Let's say it will. Now I am not
in a position to KNOW the code of LibSS7 to tell you what ISUP information
element is stored in which channel variable. I suggest you to dump ALL
possible ones with a NoOp function in your incoming context. You can find
the variables here under the paragraph "Predefined Channel Variables"




Maybe one of the LibSS7 devs will jump in and refer to the right section of
the manual.


Regards, Florian



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We are talking SS7/ISUP here right? What Switch (make,model,software)
handles Subscriber B? ISUP Switch A will let ISUP Switch B know (if it was
configured by people with a notion of the matter) the redirected number plus
the ISUP redirection parameters but it is completely unknown in your
equation how Switch B and Asterisk relate to eachother. Is
Asterisk=Subscriber B or is there any gateway involved which follows any
standard (e.g. ISUP<->SIP)?




regards, Florian


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please can anyone help me on that situation:

Subsc. A ------------------------------Subsc. B

Subsc A calls B.

B forwards the call to Asterisk using ISUP.

Is the Subsc A number included in the parameters of the ISUP call forwarded
from B to Asterisk?

Please help.

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