[asterisk-ss7] Calls Hangup - libss7

Mouiad Al-Tamimi mouiad at audiotelecom.net
Sun Oct 17 02:45:34 CDT 2010

> Dear All
> Actually we use Asterisk 1.6.2, Sangoma 104A card, DAHDI 2.3.0 and libss7
> Linkset and 4 E1's are up and look like they are working in the
appropriate way. When we receive calls most of them got a hangup in a very
strange way. the CLI it shows the call sparated in two calls on two
different CIC's.
Are you sure the calls aren't getting looped somehow?
What happens if you replace your agi call with simple Wait() or some such?




I did try many things but it is the same; some calls accepted successfully
and others got a Hangup. If any clarifications needed please tell me.

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