[asterisk-ss7] No Audio on SS7 calls to Remote PRIs

Stephan Ellis stephan.ellis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 09:46:01 CDT 2010

Switching to 1.6.0 did the trick.  I tried to run but I had the no
audio issue.  I'm not sure what you mean by there is no 1.6.0. I found it


You're welcome to get with me out of band to see my specific setup.  I am
willing to post the traffic of the failing call with my asterisk 1.6.2 stack
if anyone is interested.


On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 9:20 AM, Kevin P. Fleming <kpfleming at digium.com>wrote:

> On 10/05/2010 09:02 AM, Stephan Ellis wrote:
> > Any specific point version of 1.6.0 i should use? Or just 1.6.0?
> If the underlying problem is, as your switch technician suggests, lack
> of response to a particular SS7 message, then going back to an older
> version of Asterisk is not going to help. I know the author of the
> previous reply was trying to be helpful, but he posts the identical
> response to every thread where people are having issues with Asterisk
> and SS7... that does not mean he's actually analyzed the problem and
> knows that it will be resolved by using 1.6.0.x (there is no "1.6.0").
> Since you've determined that the problem only occurs when your Asterisk
> box is placing calls to specific remote destinations through your SS7
> switch, have you tried any other SS7 clients off that switch calling the
> same destinations? I know you've mentioned that you have an additional
> Asterisk box using ISDN PRI to that switch, but since that's a different
> protocol it's not really going to help (except to verify that your SS7
> switch does have a functional audio path between it and the remote
> destination).
> Most likely the message(s) involved here are related to some sort of
> SS7/ISDN (or SS7/PSTN) interworking, and chan_dahdi/libss7 just haven't
> taken those into account yet. In order to be able to debug the issue,
> you're going to have to post a debug log that shows the SS7 traffic
> being sent and received for this failing call, so that people who
> understand the protocol can try to figure out what is going wrong.
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