[asterisk-ss7] Incoming calls through SS7 for data modem transmissions - possible??

José Pablo Méndez Soto auxcri at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 19:58:37 CST 2010


We are working on implementing a solution for a medium service provider.
They were previously using a Cisco AS5300 gateway with some PRI trunks to
receive modem calls, then route them out the Internet.

The Telco they were buying the trunks from, discovered this configuration
and restricted them due to legal conventions, and stated that in order to
continue doing this, they would have to talk SS7 directly.

We are planning on solving this by placing an Asterisk server with some
TE410 cards talking SS7 to Telco, and another 4 ISDN ports talking to the
AS5300 for the dial-up to complete after authenticating against a RADIUS

My questions is: can we use only Asterisk to complete/terminate the dial-up
connection, removing the AS5300 out of the picture? We would probably need a
PPP channel configuration to link the modem connection with the Internet.

Current topology to be set-up:
Telco --> SS7 --> TE410P-AsteriskServer --> ISDN --> AS5300 --> Internet

Ideal topology:
Telco --> SS7 --> TE410P-AsteriskServer --> Internet

Some posts talk about zapRAS being able to accomplish this, not quite sure

Sounds like possible:

Sounds like not possible:

Thanks in advance,

*José Pablo Méndez
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